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Marilyn Monroe Beauty Tips

Marilyn Monroe was a successful and outstanding artist of her time, also became an icon of fashion and feminine sensuality that lasts until today.

Marilyn Monroe was not only a successful and prominent artist of her time; she also became a fashion icon and feminine sensuality that lingers to this day. Here is a collection of simple beauty tips she applied to him and that anyone can use to look beautiful and naturally as the diva.

Marilyn Monroe

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Not tanned

The actress stated in an interview that: “Although it is very fashionable in California, I do not think the tan is more attractive or healthier than the skin in its natural color,” so she instead of exposing her skin to the sun, chose Vaseline or creams applied to give him shine naturally without risking the consequences of ultraviolet rays.

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The young artist on more than one occasion said she did not occupy pajamas to sleep, for that barged her dream, besides resting more than 8 hours a day.

Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn explained that using 5 types of lipsticks different that helped create the shape of your lips as emblematic. It applied a dark tone at the edges and was filling with light colors for the inside and thus made them appear more bulky.


The actress came to tell it was not very involved in sports and that took away a long time, plus they had the idea that voluptuous bodies are prettier. I only did a little routine in the mornings to keep the body a bit firm.

They are habits singles that are not great efforts and you can start practicing to achieve a natural beauty but at the same time prove attractive.



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