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Marriage rings: 6 important facts that will help you in your choice

Marriage rings-It is the most precious symbol for the couple, and they will also carry for life, so be attentive to the versatility and of course, the style of your jewel. Here are some guidelines that will help you hit the best marriage rings. Ready?

Finding rings of marriage between the many proposals and trends is not simple and, in addition, it is not something that can be postponed for later, as it is the choice of the type of reception or marriage decoration . With that same dedication that was put to those beautiful parts of marriage , which enchanted the future spouses have to inquire about their prized hoops. These will be the material symbol of their love, and at the same time, those who will suffer the vicissitudes of their day to day, rhythm of work and activities.

It is convenient to think first, what will be the prevailing style and precious metal to choose from, from the purchase of your engagement ringsto follow that same profile inwards. To clear any doubt, we invite you to review what happens in the universe of the marriage rings of the couple-from beginning to end-so they can make the right decision.

Important facts  your marriage rings

 your marriage rings

Before taking the first step

Although today’s fine goldsmith’s market offers unique pieces for all budgets, it is advisable to think about your budget first so as not to run into unreachable numbers that you will surely remember when you saw the prices of engagement rings . From now we advance that the higher the gram mage or purity of the metal or work of the stones, the zeros are added.

Style and use

The style will only depend on the couple. They must take into account the way they dress, the type of jewelry they regularly wear and the pace of life they wear. They will be pieces that will always have, so it is important that they do not join the list of  fashion victims. Think about your tastes and analyze the use to which they will be exposed, which will allow them to find a versatile piece for both.

What the designers say

Famous international firms such as, Tous, and Bulgari, or the national Ilaria, all dedicated to the art of goldsmiths, metals and precious stones, amaze couples around the world with magnificent and sumptuous designs. The subtlety of its lines predominates, which are fine and pure. Other proposals come with inlays, but even more ethereal. Silver is the dominant color of the season , in platinum, white gold with faint tints carved in darker colors for its avant-garde designs.

Precious and preferred

It will never go out of style, and you proved it by seeing so many beautiful designs of gold engagement rings . Although the preferred by the couple for their link will always be the classic gold, we note that the rings of marriage in rose gold have a particular charm. Whether they are matt or bright. The same happens with white gold, which we can recognize, monopolizes the luxury jewelry showcases for their versatility when linked to precious stones such as sapphire or amethyst.

Peruvian metal with its own shine

Peruvian silver is one of the most sought after in the world for its purity. If your style is more bucolic or  vintage,  pay attention to the versatility of the engagement rings in carved silver and the beauty of the  marriage rings, if you choose this metal.

Exquisite inlays

The future spouses who pursue to show off that great feeling that unites them with a more protagonica and refined piece, to hit the spot with what ‘goes or does not go’ nowadays will be its mission. No doubt they will not stop at the prices of marriage rings, but what it symbolizes. Of course, this type of bride and groom will never admit that their wedding rings do not carry a diamond or a fine carved crystal with grace.

The most remarkable jewelers know and have reserved for you, various models of engagement rings and also of marriage, true works of art of goldsmiths, inspired by the European medieval courts to extremely minimalist.

After developed the smell with the research of the church, the buffet, even the wedding dresses and flower arrangements, the details of the choice of your precious jewel will be simple. So it will be with those white gold engagement rings that will wear with pride and the same thing will happen with the search for your marriage rings.

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