baggy pants

From high-waisted wide trousers to short ankle-length ones: let’s find out which models of baggy pants to choose and how to wear them to the top!

Wide trousers represent a versatile garment with a thousand possible combinations. There are various models, each of which goes perfectly with certain garments rather than others. By choosing the right combinations, we will find the key to make the most of them according to the lines they design. What are the models of wide trousers that we have available? Let’s say that indicatively they vary according to the length, the way they dress, the height of the waist. The most appreciated, and also the most used, are the high-waisted wide-leg pants.

The way these pants fall and the way they create an outifit, elegant or casual, depends a lot on both the choice of the upper part, that is a blouse or a t-shirt, but also a lot from the type of shoe we opt for. For example, a wide trousers, with a high waist, with a paw that goes down to the palace, can be combined with a simple white t-shirt and a pair of sneakers, but also with a soft blouse and a pair of décolleté. The choice of these two garments, and then of all the accessories, greatly influences the final result. In short, if you have decided to start your love story with wide pants, you are in the right place.

How to combine high-waisted wide-leg pants

To match the high-waisted wide-leg trousers, let’s start with a question: what occasion do you have to wear them for? The answer to this question will allow us to make targeted choices based on the context. This is because the advantage of this type of pants lies in its versatility. Shoes and the choice of knitwear define different styles also for the same trousers.

If you will wear high-waisted wide-leg trousers for every day, that is, in a simple and informal way, we recommend combining them with a t-shirt or pullover that is not too loose, or maybe a crop top depending on your style. With wide palazzo pants, you can also combine a simple blazer, with a screwed cut, and a pair of sneakers, so as to create that perfect combination of formal and informal, also suitable for a more important work day.

If, on the other hand, you will wear loose trousers for an elegant dinner, a job interview or a corporate event, you can combine them with a shirt or a soft blouse, both in silk and satin, but also in plain viscose. Then add a jacket, also short waist height, and a nice pair of décolleté to slim the figure and be super elegant!

How to match wide ankle or short trousers

Same goes for wide ankle pants or even shorter, the so-called culottes. This model of trousers may seem informal and sporty but, if combined with the right clothes, it can give a chic and elegant outfit. If you want to wear it for a walk with friends or for an informal aperitif, you can combine it with low sneakers or brogues, and with a nice t-shirt or a sweatshirt not too long. If, on the other hand, you want to create a classy look, you have various options: choose wide ankle-length trousers with particular, geometric but minimal patterns, or with polka dots or flowers. Pair them with soft blouses or silk tops. The total look of the same color is very elegant, that is, white or neutral wide ankle- length trousers, with a simple white tank top and jacket of the same shade or a kaftan to be worn open. Also in this case, a décolleté or a jewel sandal will complete the outfit with the right tone!

Wide striped, floral or patterned trousers

How to combine the wide striped pants but also with flowers or patterned? Much depends on the fabric of the trousers and the season. For example, a wide and very structured striped winter trousers will certainly have a different allure from a wide striped trousers with summer fabrics or with an elastic at the ankle. In the first case, the trousers will be the protagonist of our look: match it with a sweater in wool or cashmere, dark if the trousers are dark but also cream or neutral colors; a nice décolleté or an ankle boot with a comfortable heel and you’re done. Important accessories, perhaps in gold color, and you will be ready for a stylish walk. If instead we talk about the summer version, combine it with a t-shirt that incorporates the colors of the trousers or neutral colors or with a silk tank top if the trousers have a soft and refined effect.

Wide denim trousers, wear them like this!

The wide denim trousers are available in various models: we can have the classic palazzo denim trousers, like those of Find, starting from 21 euros on Amazon, perfect for those who love 90s fashion, to combine with short t-shirts and tight or comfortable sweatshirts, maybe crop tops, a nice pair of wedges and you’re done; or we can have wide denim trousers with a low crotch, boysh style, perfect with a t-shirt, a soft shirt or a sweatshirt close enough to combine with sports shoes but also with ballet flats or brogues; or even the loose-fit jeans of the paper bag model, that is with the high waist and the puff effect strap. This model can be combined with tight-fitting T-shirts or pullovers not too large in bright colors, or with soft blouses in neutral colors and with low sandals or shoes with heels. In short, choose the perfect model for you and let your imagination run wild!

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