pastel colors

Do you know that pastel colors are among the coolest shades of the season? Discover with us how to combine them well.

You should have understood by now that pastel colors are among the most trendy of this hot season. Some are real must haves while others only serve as a background, as a contour to your look.

Every woman can choose the shade that best suits her, that she likes best, and create amazing outfits, but it is not always easy to combine the colors with lightness and above all obtaining a good result. How can you not go wrong? Well, it’s easy: you just need to find out how to combine pastel colors with style.

pastel colors

Black and white

We don’t go around too long, all the pastel shades, from yellow to green, from pink to light blue, from dull red to lilac, look great with white and black, to be selected in the total or even broken version. Think of a complete white jacket and trousers and mentally match a pink quartz shirt: this is a very refined and chic look, which would have an excellent result even if the pants were black, if the jacket was or were both.

Intense colors

What are the intense colors? Think of red or electric blue or even emerald green. Would you ever combine these shades with pastel ones? The answer is actually not very simple, because if on the one hand it is true that a look composed of light yellow and orange, red and baby pink, emerald green and light blue, it is perfect, it is also true that mixing too many of this nuance would lead to a real mess. In these cases, there is very little to do, that is to focus on bi-color and at most add a neutral tint, such as white and black.

Pastel & Pastel

Can pastel colors be combined with pastel colors? Well yes, we don’t want to make a play on words but simply to identify and implement one of the latest fashion trends. These sweet and soft colors go well with each other, they allow us to create very delicate and sophisticated baby outfits, excellent especially for the day.

How to succeed in the enterprise? We suggest a look: combine a very light pink shirt with a sky-blue skinny pants, nude pumps like the bag and a delicate yellow blazer. Were you able to focus on this so bright and sweet mood? You can also do the same by combining the pastel shades of blue, green and yellow, which in the end should not remind you of anything else but a splendid spring landscape.

Among the fashionable colors, the pastel ones are clearly the predominant. Look with us for some looks to find the right inspiration and create amazing outfits.

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