match the colors

To coordinate or best mix the nuances of bags, shoes, headbands and hats, there are some “fashion rules” to follow. Here they are all, to never make mistakes

Match the colors of the accessories is not an easy task: sometimes the coordinate is not good, other times it is better to mix complementary nuances, other times it is good to focus on contrasting colors …

To always know how to behave in front of an outfit (in the mirror and beyond), there are some rules to follow. We put them black on white in this guide to matching the colors of the accessories. Follow it step by step and you will never make style slips, guaranteed!

match the colors

Bag and shoes of the same color

Until the sixties, it was an iron rule: the shoes had to be of the same color as the handbag. From Seventies onwards, however, the rule has been disregarded, leading to a kaleidoscopic mix of different colors among all the accessories. Today the coordinate returns to make the most glamourous hearts beat: shoes, bag and even a third accessory of the same color – if you really want to exaggerate with the charm – make the outfits impeccable to say the least.

If the outfit is on a neutral background, play with contrasts by choosing a nuance that stands out remarkably for the “set of accessories”. Vice versa, on already colored looks aimed at a more classic chromatic fil rouge. Otherwise, let yourself be guided by joy, embracing the color block for an ultra playful effect.

Not only chromatic contrasts but also tactile

An original way to mix accessories? Playing with contrasts at a chromatic level and not only: also focusing on the sense of touch. How? Simple, by combining a smooth and shiny texture with a suede and matte. In this way both the nuances and the finish will be perfectly in contrast, giving a nice mix both visually and also tactile. And yet the taste will not remain dry, in the sense that this fashion rule guarantees an ultra-chic taste!

So not only contrasting colors but also fabrics and various materials. The satin finish will go hand in hand with the opaque, metallic shape with that “matte” of the chamois and so on. The combinations, both chromatic and material, are many, so choose the contrasting combination you prefer based on your mood.

A touch of contrasting color that stands out on the outfit

Another way to adjust the colors of the accessories is to choose one whose color stands out “wow” on the rest of the outfit. For example, a fiery red bum bag on a look that mixes brown tones or the orange touch of an orange bag that acts as a vitamin and citrus touch on a beige jumpsuit.

The rule is therefore that of “shocking” : on a light and neutral basis, make sure that the nuances of the bag, shoes, hat or headband “shoot” chromatically in an exaggerated way . Instead of out of tune, that contrasting note will perfectly match the rest of the outfit. And it will give a touch of pure joy to an otherwise too austere and anonymous look, trust me.

The pendant accessories with a garment

Even the so-called “the pendant” with a garment is an excellent fashion solution. You can choose to match the bag, shoes, belt as well as one-piece glasses, headband or hat, to have a two-tone result that will give your look a real rhythm.

Shoes and pants of the same color, bag and top, blazer and belt, fanny pack and skirt … the joints are many, all ideal for forming a convincing fashion puzzle.

Keep as general shades at most two or three to avoid slipping into the “harlequin” effect. Two notes of different colors will give an ecstatic chord to the whole outfit. From the third onwards, from the fourth onwards “no”, from the fifth “hello” …

The contrasting bag in total color look

The total color is very appreciated by the palates of classic style but exaggerating with homogeneity could have a little glam effect. A perfect trick to avoid the fall of style is the touch of contrasting color of the bag.

Total white color? So go ahead for a black bag! On the contrary, total color black. The white bag will be the most suitable chromatic note.

For a timeless classic style, the black & white combination is the most appropriate but this does not mean that the other colors are to be banned. Indeed, if you want that extra touch of originality, go ahead for the palette of crayons and fluo for the bag, the important thing is that the rest of the palette turns on neutral colors.

Scale of shades of nearby shades for shoes and bags

The classic rule of shoes matching the handbag doesn’t convince you? You can opt for a middle ground that will give elegance on one side and originality on the other.

Choose near shades of the color scale to have a similar but not the same color match. Pink and lilac, gold and yellow, gray and cream … the important thing is to play more with nuances than with nuances.

Start from a common base and blend it as you like: you will never be wrong, Pantone’s word.

Bag and belt of the same color? Oh yes!

A chromatic combination that never disappoints is precisely that of the bag with the belt. Keep the same color for both accessories and the whole outfit will gain in style.

White and black are always perfect nuances, impeccable to combine with any other color. Neutral and soft colors are also almost always good to mix with brighter and more aggressive colors.

If you want an inspiration that always hits the mark, let yourself be guided by mother nature: “shake” the colors in a natural way, taking inspiration from autumn, spring or summer landscapes. For austere elegance very chic, even the palette of winter colors will be fine: pearl gray, smoke black, ice blue and every shade of the cold season will be proof of critical friend.

The bag that recalls a small detail of the outfit

Are you not coordinated and total color? No problem! To combine the accessories, you can “settle for” the reference of a small chromatic detail of the outfit.

From the detail of the print of a t-shirt to the color of the shirt that comes out of the shirt, choose the color of the bag based on that.

The smaller and more discreet the detail, the more charming the look will gain. Because it will seem that your style has been guided by ease, the number one ingredient for an ultra-chic recipe. Let’s learn to show off the ease as the Parisians do so the bag of the same color as the skirt embroidery will not be the only charming touch!

Total color

Anyone who is not satisfied with the old rule of coordinated accessories and wants a total color look, must not follow any rule. If not that of the only nuance, in fact. This solution is always excellent; the important thing is to opt for inconspicuous colors so as not to risk slipping “highlighting effect”.

The palette of the pastels as well as those of the neutrals lend themselves particularly to the total color, giving an allure that never hurts.

The only risk is monotony: all white, all black as well as all pink or all green could tire in the long run. In that case, just follow the fashion rule above, that of the touch of contrasting color that stands out on the look. All you need is a mini-bag, a brooch or a pair of shocking-colored earrings and you will be breath taking.

Accessories combined with hair color

Another super match? That of the accessory and the hair! Be guided by the color of your hair and play with assonances at the level of the bag, shoes, belt, bracelets … One is enough to avoid the exaggeration that is never stylish.

A yellow shoulder strap that matches the blond of the hair, reddish shoes and handbags en pendant to ginger hair, a black bag in shiny leather with a raven black helmet: the correspondence will be natural and obvious, so obvious as to seem quite original on the contrary!

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