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Must have accessories spring summer 2020

Discovering new fashion and trendy looks you must have accessories for spring summer 2020, from bags to shoes through jewelry and accessories to decorate hair.

The latest spring summer 2020 trends also reveal which are the style accessories to show off in this hot season. Ready to discover the fashion accessories of the moment? Not only shoes and bags, which remain the main and most loved elements to make your outfit unique, among these we also find hair accessories, sunglasses and some bijoux.

The mood for this season is definitely vintage. The stylists have explored the style of the past by recalling it through the new collections and playing not only with clothes but also with the must-have spring summer 2020 accessories.

Let’s see in detail what are the trends to follow to always dress in the latest fashion …

Bags spring summer 2020: Practicality is everything

Also for the next few months, we will be inundated with shoulder bags. Difficult to resist these models, considering that they are extremely practical and certainly very portable, but which spring summer 2020 bags should you prefer? For the city we suggest buckets, which generally have a more formal and decidedly urban aspect. Pending summer, however, you can dare with straw bags, but better if round. Furthermore, the positive trail of belt bags continues, that is, of belt bags, known simply as baby carriers.

Mules, or the return of the sabot shoes

Feet exposed? Not really but almost. The sabot shoes, so not covered heel, are among the must-have in 2020 summer spring. The alternatives are décolleté open behind for the spring season, while for the hottest months of the year you can show off the high and spiked mules sandals, preferably in soft and woven leather.

Sunglasses, preferably oversized!

The days get longer and certainly become more sunny, which is why sunglasses are really useful. Yes, but which ones? The answer is one: oversize! The important thing, therefore, is that they are almost as big as masks and possibly dark and polarized.

Single earrings and jewels with colored and natural stones

Natural stones are beautiful because they are all very colorful and available in various chromatic shades. This is why, among the must-have spring summer 2020 accessories, it is better to show off jewelry, even if not precious, embellished with these elements. You will shine like never before! Furthermore, as regards the earrings, which are the real stars among the jewels of the moment, it is better to opt for the single solution.

The scarves embellish the hair

The scarves characterize the new hair accessories and make hairstyles more chic, even the simplest ones. To facilitate the enterprise, therefore, it is advisable to purchase satin-covered headbands and knotted as turbans or elastic bands with hanging ponytails in simple or patterned fabric.

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