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Pandora, the magic of the festive new collection

Here is the brand new collection of Pandora “Crystals precious”, with its central theme the winter magic.

Pandora, the famous jewelry brand that has made ​​the world go crazy with its imaginative charm themes always different, has designed a new collection for the winter. “Crystals precious” aims to make it magical and sparkling Christmas and the winter of all its customers, thanks to its brand new jewelry, sparkling snowflakes, drops crystallized and frozen flowers that capture the spirit of the beautiful winter nature. Accessories are very fashionable and stylish, perfect for giving on Christmas night.

Pandora Jewelry

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Winter is a cold season, and white magic, why not make it even more vivid and bright light through the bracelets, the charm, the necklaces, the pendants and rings Pandora know how to give? All the jewels of the collection are united by the sparkle of crystal blue and white and subjects that attract the light and snow.

In detail, each charm recalls snowflakes, ice crystals, the theme of light and ice are also offered in the form of pendant. Also in the collection it is a pendant (charm) in Murano glass faceted with fascinating iridescent blue tint.

The blue crystals are also present on the new spacer and ring, inspired in all and for all to the shape of the snowflake. The most valuable piece of the line is the charm “openwork”, made ​​of gold and decorated with several glittering stones in a pattern radiating hand finished.

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