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Doubts about the rental of the party dress? 5 tips that will help you

Party dress-There comes a certain moment in life when you will see your friends or parades parade through the altar, and every wedding always comes hand in hand with the idea of ​​premiere of a special outfit when you receive the marriage card and it specifies which It must be the right way to attend the event.

It is time to start looking for that party dress that meets the requirements of the couple. Perhaps, you have more than one invitation in sight, which could be celebrations that will be held late. Or in the morning hours for example, in which you will need to resort to a dress for day party.

If your intention is to have the possibility of attending each celebration without repeating a model. Or simply because you know it will be an outfit that you will use only once. The idea of ​​renting a party dress can be useful for you. In this opportunity we tell you everything about this alternative that increasingly wins more supporters.

Where to rental party dress

 rental party dress

Do not worry that nowadays, more and more, the places where you can rent a party dress for a special occasion such as the marriage of a good friendship increase.  You have a large directory of professionals willing to help you. Some of them offer this rental service. You only have to search for the provider according to your area of ​​residence, enter your file. And know if what you propose is appropriate to your needs. Once you have located it, you can request a quote or what is better; visit your point of care directly.

How does it work?

Although it is not a widespread version in Peru, some stores offer the option of renting the dress both physically and online. The latter is preferred by those who cannot move to the point of rent directly. And choose to make the order online. These platforms offer the option to choose if it is a short dress, long, one piece, pants, skirts or jackets. Once it is clear what type of garment is sought. The various designs will appear that should be filtered according to the size, color, neckline or length.

However, it will always be better to go directly to the store. Because this ensures that it is the right one. And avoid extra steps in case it has to be changed or returned. To rent it in store you must check the hours of service first. Talk to the person in charge to tell you when the event is happening. And explain what the dress code is.

Once you have tried the designs and find the one you need. Some sites request to formalize the payment immediately. Or give a first part, because this way the garment is secured to reserve it. Some stores request that you leave some type of extra deposit as a type of insurance; everything will depend on the site you visit. Since each one establishes its own conditions.

Regarding the cost

In the same way that some guests when looking for information on how to buy cheap party dresses because their goal is not to exceed the estimated budget, they will find a wide range of options. In your case, that you are interested in renting your party dress, you will also notice a variety of prices, which will be subject depending on the design, the fabric or if it is a known signature.

Therefore, stay calm, because among so many beautiful options you will surely find that look that will make you look fantastic at the moment of accompanying the bride or groom in his hour of the yes I accept!

Tips to find the ideal model party dress

To get the party dress that you want to rent right, it is necessary to first remember the shape of your body, because this way you will know what cut and cleavage you will be better and with which you feel safe.

  • For triangular figure: with narrow shoulders and wide hips, dresses with V-neck and straight cut are recommended.
  • Inverted triangle: with many shoulders and little hips, they should definitely be in line “A” and very discreet at the top.

Preponderant figures:  for the guests who do not want to give up the sophistication and elegance highlighting their eminent curves, the gorditas party dresses offer designs that allow stylizing the figure. If you have a generous bust and you like to wear it, a V-neckline will be your ace up your sleeve.

Or if you prefer to show off your shoulders without showing much, the boat neckline will become your best option. What to say the lengths in the dresses are allowed as long party dresses as shorts or midi. The use of fabrics such as lace or guipure are other essential in these dresses. And we already anticipate that you will see them in the proposals that designers will bring us for the 2019 party dresses .

Body hourglass: with shoulders and hips almost to the same proportion and with a narrow waist. The siren cut is very good because they are tight to the body framing the waist. As for the necklines you beneficial the heart or V-shaped.

Rectangular figure: shoulders and hips at the same height and with little waist, they favor the dresses a little tight to the part of the waist. And below it with fall, thus create illusion of curves.

For those who are in the sweet wait:  For the future moms who also want to look regal will find in the specialized stores to rent party dresses for pregnant women. The most flattering ones will be those of empire cut. Those with an illusion neckline made with light fabrics such as lace or guipure.

Extra rental services

Some party dress rental shops also offer the rental service of shoes, wallets and some other accessories for your event. So this is a relief, since you will not have to spend extra money to buy these details.

Or in case the dress needs some additional arrangement also ask. If they have the service to adjust the garment to your body. With this measure you would be customizing your rent of course. As long as the design allows it.

In the same way, the wedding dress is as important for those who marry, as it is for a guest their attire. We hope that with these tips you will succeed with the choice of that model with which you will also steal glances.

Remember that each wedding is different and special, for that reason. It is better to take the time necessary to search for the perfect design for the occasion. Once you have found the outfit you will be ready to enjoy with the newlyweds the special moments of the day. Such as when they perform their first dance or have to cut their wedding cake.

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