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Party dresses for gorditas: Models that will fascinate you

Finding a party dress that understands your expectations has always been the fixation of every woman with contoured lines. Who hopes to highlight some of her lines over others, when she dresses up as a party. For them, these infarct designs.

The Peruvian woman with resounding curves and proud big measures has never been as spoiled by designers as she is now. If before it was believed that glamor and sensuality were reduced to a figure of adolescent. And sylph, that has gradually disappeared from the fashion scene, which today leans all its creativity to decorate, even more.

Like everything in the universe of beauty, the secret lies in the strategy, in knowing how to choose the tools that will serve to elevate them as goddesses, honoring and respecting with their guest look the dress code specified by the couple in the part of marriage. From the color, the cut, the sleeves, the neckline and the length, all that influences as a rule when deciding on that model that will make you look wonderful and with which you will make an appropriate presence when the protagonists exchange their wedding rings in front of the altar. And to leave you totally inspired we present the party dresses for Gordian that you would surely love to have in your closet.

Your allied colors

the Party dresses

As a rule we know that black becomes the predilceta choice for  evening dresses , since it  is the best ally to stylize figures , however, so are the red and blue, basic of all closet. Also, in two colors whenever it is basic colors. Although some offer resistance to the use of two tones, notice how elegant the long evening dresses look and the effect they have when used to draw vertical lines like the beautiful short party dresses that Eloquii presents to us.

Enhancing effects

The effect of draping on  party dress models  for thin figures is diametrically opposite when resting on a thick figure. It seems that the delicate folds fit better and give sensuality the most whimsical lines in the dresses for day party , as with that beautiful blue steel design of Kiyonna. Dresses covered with these elegant folds will continue to be a trend in 2019 party dresses , since one of its advantages is that it combines with any tone, the important thing will be to identify in which part of the outfit to wear it to achieve the desired look.

Sitting Cortes

A high and tight yoke together with a skirt in cut A offers a visual impact of harmonious symmetry to any extra figure in sizes. In the same way when the cut is biased. The fall that comes after the bust provides movement and freedom that wisely hide those extra pounds of abdominal area that nobody wants to show. On the other hand, a little more elegant and sober, but rather stylized if it is a long empire party dress . Remember to choose the one that best suits the event to which you have been invited.


Whether it is a short bodice or a short bodice, they are the best dress gadget to divert attention from the looks towards the neckline , especially if they are attached to a floaty skirt and light fabrics with a lot of movement such as gauze, lace and silk. They exhibit in the proposals presented by the designers in the 2019 party dresses.

Asymmetrical yes!

As in the length as in the sleeves, the asymmetric cuts are a must in party dresses for gorditas. They provide vertical perspective , breaking the volume paradigm a bit. If you will wear asymmetry in the sleeve, you could wear a long one just on your knees.

The importance of the neckline

If you’re wondering what kind of neckline to wear, we anticipate that the halter neck, in addition to looking quite avant-garde is the right choice to give balance to wide backs . And against all odds the bardot neckline with flirty and uncovered shoulders is outlined as the must of infarction in the evening dresses for the coquettish woman of extra measures, obtaining almost with the same effect of the V necklines, for the harmony they provide.

Layers, one over others

The dresses in times or layers are perfect seating for figures who wish to disguise more than one roll . The gauzes and silks are the fabrics that are most suited to these designs that can be worn, long evening or mini shorts.

Choosing the perfect party dresses

Before deciding on the model with which you would like to attend the wedding to which you have been invited, keep in mind that the fundamental thing is that you are true to your style and attitude. For example, one of a dark color, that has details of lace, without sleeve or neck in V that helps you to highlight your strong points.

Another recommendation before choosing, is that you have clear if it is a wedding that will take place on a beach or on the other hand in the field, it will depend on what you do with the length and the type of fabric you need. When you start searching for your dress remember to keep calm and willing to explore designs that maybe you had not had the opportunity to try. In the end, you will realize that you have hit the mark because you will feel comfortable and the garment gives you freedom of movement.

How to acquire them?

You might think that finding party dresses for chubby can become a difficult mission, however if you know how to get the most out of your curves you will find more than one option. Getting them will be based on two fundamental aspects on the one hand, to be clear about your needs and on the other, the investment you want to make.

Also, some major brands tend to have stores of balances, where you will find items that have a lower price than the pockets, since what they need is to make way for their new collections.  You will have different models, yes, you must take into account which are the most flattering for you. Remember that, for example, if you have a broad back, you should avoid thin stroppy dresses and opt for those slightly wider, not forgetting the asymmetrical necklines.

After receiving the marriage card and start dreaming of that look with style, remember that the basis is the outfit to wear, as well as the perfect accessories, taking into account the importance of knowing how to harmonize everything with a hairstyle for long hair , if is your case, or otherwise see the different options for short hair. You must look amazing as a wedding guest, as you will accompany the couple on the day they will unite their lives forever.

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