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Polka dots: Can you wear them well? Here are 5 outfits to be fabulous!

The polka dots motif is one of the must-haves of fashion that recurs cyclically. This year it becomes ultra-trendy but you have to know how to bring it. We help you with five looks to inspire you to be at the top

The polka dot pattern never goes into hibernation: evergreen fashion, every season is trendier than ever.

For SS 2020 it becomes a trend that cannot be renounced: polka-dot is not only a “you can” but it becomes a must have to show off in every sauce.

From elegant to more casual outfits, there is no style that does not welcome the famous dots with open arms.

But, in order not to slip, some fashion rules must be respected. Because in the matter of polka dots, not everything is worth it.

Being a fantasy full of personality, it is good to know how to show it off with ease. Otherwise you risk the dreaded kitsch effect …

To help you wear polka dots flawlessly, here are 5 fabulous looks to inspire you. You will never, never, ever be wrong!

Polka dots in an explosive mix of patterns

Forget the now obsolete polka dot rule that “clashes” against other strong fantasies.

Today the polka dot is also good with those motifs that once you would never have dreamed of approaching.

From stripes to Scottish tartan, from the Prince of Wales to the animal print, the green light to the most daring combinations!

A polka dot shirt in silk pajamas model is therefore married to the kiss with the python of the cuissard boots and the inserts of the leather trench coat.

To not exaggerate, stay on the soft as regards the skirt and the bag: solid color, choosing pastel shades like blue to give a touch of bonton trés chic.

The evening dress

Polka dots are usually a day motif, in the sense that they bloom more easily on casual chic daytime looks.

To be original without sacrificing refinement, an evening dress on a dark background with a riot of white dots will be perfect.

A slit, puffy straps and a little drapery will make the polka dot much more sensual than it usually is.

Add a necklace of diamonds to recall the white polka dots of the dress and you will take your breath away.

Polka dots as a motif of lingerie style

A satin slip dress or a sleeveless silk top with a dot pattern? Absolutely yes!

The polka dot is very suitable for “bedroom” fashion, even when it leaves the bedroom.

One of the coolest trends is that of lingerie style, between silk pajamas and dresses that look like petticoats. Choose them with dotted patterns and you will never be wrong!

A polka dot top goes perfectly with a pair of soft black pants. Add a red velvet detail and a bag that mixes leather and straw to give the look all those essential ingredients for an ultra-feminine recipe.

The pop dress

A mini dress with big polka dots? Oh yes: it’s the quintessence of femininity!

A little playful but at the same time impeccable on the elegance side, this dress is a passe-partout.

Make polka dots the real protagonists of the outfit without adding too many frills: accessories and bijoux reduced to the essentials will make you divine.

The polka dot with a vintage aftertaste

The polka-dot pattern is particularly suitable for looks that wink at the retro style.

A polka dot blouse with ribbon for the bow to be inserted inside a pencil skirt in hounds tooth is a way to be refined looking at the fashion of yesteryear.

If you love Fifties, this outfit will make your heart beat faster. Make it current with a leopard print clutch and a pair of pink pumps.

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