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Seven ways to wear a set of pants and blouse for parties and be the perfect guest

Not all ideal guests go with dress and heels. No need to do it, because there are looks to be the star of any party for all styles. The thing about wearing a dress code skirt is already outdated, especially if what your body asks is to go in pants. You don’t know how to ride it? We give you some ideas to combine a good set of pants, blouse at your parties, and be a spectacle.

The pants and blouse sets adapt to the cold with a good jacket above

wear a set of pants and blouse

Choose your perfect dress pants and combine it with a good shirt or blouse, better if it is simple and basic. Above that you’ll complete your perfect look with a jacket invited it to protect you from the cold in winter and your look a polished, sophisticated and touch working. Blazers, coats or even denim jackets, you choose!

Sequined pants for the most disco party look

wear a set of pants and blouse

What else will you give up? With pants made of shiny and metallic sequins nobody will have eyes for more. In theory they seem excessive, but looking at it girls wear it know that it is an excess of style. Especially if you combine the glamor of that garment with a preppy blouse with lacing, maximalism to the extreme!

Is it a skirt or a pant? The palazzo are imposed in the celebrations

wear a set of pants and blouse

If your party requires going long and you fancy showing off XL design with pants, bet on the palazzo. Its volume and amplitude remind the dresses with more fluid and impressive tail, but in leg format. This option combines the show that puts a gala dress on the table with the comfort of pants.

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Sophisticated look with the party pants and blouse that match

wear a set of pants and blouse

It is not necessary to break the head with impossible mixtures that do not convince or fit. Especially when the total looks are trend and wearing a single color from head to toe is something so flattering. Look for garments that match shades or that belong to the same color family, such as blues or greens. Sophistication at the highest level and all thanks to a single color.

You wear the pajama party

wear a set of pants and blouse

Pajama party blouse and pant sets are the order of the day, conquering even Melania Trump herself. And it is that these slip garments that seem taken from the men’s bedside table have become a beauty on party nights, with its satin and elegant fabric. Why not give it a try?

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A party jeans? With the right blouse, flatly yes

wear a set of pants and blouse

If you had discarded jeans from the beginning, go back and back. Because with a delicate, sophisticated and amazing blouse they can be the right answer. Look for designs with cleavage, with puffed sleeves full of volume, frills or any detail that makes it a spectacle. Jeans will not go unnoticed, but they will combine it surprisingly.

Culotte pants with a good blouse there is no look that does not get up

wear a set of pants and blouse

It doesn’t matter that the culotte pants arrived several seasons ago. Because the truth is that they have kept a privileged place in our closet. And it is that its wide cut, with flight and ankle cut is most flattering and comfortable, creating an hourglass figure and leaving the shoes that gain prominence. Wear them with a pretty and striking blouse like the ones that are now trending and you will be the queen.

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