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Shabby Chic and Vintage. Both Brilliant, Which Is Best?

Two of the most popular themes for a wedding happen to be shabby chic and vintage. It’s not difficult to see why. Both are fun, feminine, and have the potential to be outrageously elegant. But which is better? After considering the individual pros and cons of each, which is the best for your own wedding aesthetic? Read on to find out.

Shabby Chic and Vintage

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Can You Tell Them Apart?

Vintage and shabby chic weddings probably have more in common than not, but there are a few subtle but significant differences. Overall, the vintage wedding has the capacity to be the more formal. Vintage can often refer to retro, classic styling and antique touches. You might refer back to some of the wedding days of Hollywood starlets and royalty, such as Grace Kelly’s marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco.

Vintage weddings can include opulent, figure flattering dresses with heirloom jewellery. They might include a sumptuous dinner with old-fashioned crystal and silverware. They are an opportunity to relive the glorious past, and you can go as early or recent in history as you might like. Do you grandparents still have their old wedding photos? It can be a great source of inspiration! Even events as recent as the Royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William covered by the BBC were largely vintage inspired.

Shabby chic, on the other hand, is traditionally more flexible. It is easier to achieve an informal atmosphere as shabby chic emphasises the perfectly imperfect. Materials tend to be relaxed, textured, and not pristine. Decor is more about effect and charm than luxury and perfection. Shabby chic features regularly on respected interiors journals and remains popular at a range of price points.

The Finishing Touches

Whatever style you decide on, ensure that your wedding photographer understands your aims and aesthetic. They can then adapt their shots to best reflect it. Choose a photographer local to your venue. A Bournemouth wedding photographer like http://www.nickrutterphotography.co.uk/ and many others have experience with a variety of styles. This means that they are happy to discuss your desired look with you and show examples. Ensure you select a professional you can trust and communicate with.

With a bit of forward-planning and experimentation before the day, you can select a style or theme that suits and personalises your beautiful wedding day.

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