The cold arrives and we are preparing to face it with the right footwear. As well as being trendy, shoes for autumn and winter must be comfortable, warm and practical. In fact, not all of them have the possibility to change their shoes, at work or away from home, as soon as a downpour arrives or the cold makes itself felt. We therefore tend to give up some models by preferring ankle boots and boots of each available model.

In autumn and winter, then we often rely on a nice pair of sneakers, which allow you to walk comfortably and warm even in the worst weather conditions.

Autumn and ankle boots

Boots never go out of style; heels change, heights above or below the knee, new models are born, in any case they are among the favorite shoes of many women. Today there are also summer or spring ones, with a light and perforated upper. For autumn, these light models may still be suitable, even if the rain and cloudy days recommend wearing more closed models, which best cover the foot, ankle and calf. In recent years, among the most fashionable boots and ankle boots, the so-called ankle boots certainly deserve a place of honor. These ankle boots rise only to cover the ankle, perfect for wearing in any situation.

Moreover, in the specialized shops today we find ankle boots for every taste and situation, high sneakers are also available, ideal for a walk in the park in the coldest period of the year. Among the trendiest ankle boots for autumn / winter at the gates, they have high heels, possibly squared, in a contrasting color to that of the upper, or in any case clearly visible.

Not only ankle boots

If ankle boots, ankle boots, are the most suitable footwear model for autumn, boots are the masters for winter. Especially then for those who spend many hours outdoors or live in an area where the weather gets particularly cold approaching December and the first snows. Also with regard to boots, we are talking about a type of footwear that is always fashionable. For the coming winter, the trendiest boot is in an animal-patterned material, or has showy heels or original decorations. There is nothing forbidden to use to decorate shoes and boots, on the catwalks we also saw heels that look like metal and covers with thin silver flakes. Without going so far, among the proposals available in the shops we can choose between colored patent leather boots, with upper that rises up above the knee, or short ankle boots up to mid-calf, in soft leather. The models for the evening include dizzying heels; if, on the other hand, you have to buy boots for the office or to be used during the day, it is better to prefer more practical and comfortable ones, with a low heel and good cushioning of the heel.

Sneakers even in winter

The real novelty of the last few years is actually the customs clearance of sneakers, which today are worn in every situation, even under the very short skirt or with an elegant dress. Women and men do it, obviously declining footwear in slightly different colors and shapes. Ankle boots / sneakers are also available, with a high heel to slim the leg. The winter models of sneakers we prefer those in leather, which allow you to keep your foot warm and dry. The choice then depends on the use we want to make of these “sneakers”. If we want to use them to go out in the evening, then we prefer the more fashionable models, with rhinestone and heel decorations; if instead we need sneakers for the newspaper, then to be used both in the gym and in the office, it is better to prefer shoes designed for physical activity, which will show all their comfort from the first moment we wear them.

Sandals in winter too

The fashion of sandal worn in the middle of winter continues for autumn / winter 2019/2020, or the décolleté worn with a showy and colorful pair of socks. The same is done with sandal, even if you happen to see ladies in full January who come out of the theater with sandals and completely bare feet, enjoying the cool. Having said that, on the catwalks for the season that has just begun we have seen different models of sandals, rigorously worn with socks, black or colored, and with decorations of various kinds. From ostrich feathers to the most showy rhinestones, as if they were anklets to be put on display in the middle of winter. We are talking about shoes that not everyone loves, also because there are many women who suffer from cold feet. What is certain is that it is the trend of recent years; if we really can’t wear sandal in the middle of winter every day of the week, for example for the new year or for a party with friends.

Not only shoes

When choosing shoes it is usually advisable to also buy a new bag, so that the accessory matches perfectly with the newly purchased footwear.

Just like shoes, in recent years it is difficult to find a single bag model that can represent the fashion of the moment. Indeed, in general, in the shops there are bags of various models and the most different sizes possible. Even for this autumn / winter, therefore, every woman will find the bag that best suits her personal needs.

In fact, small bags are very fashionable, to be carried in the hand, or to be enriched with a shoulder strap possibly colored or decorated in a flashy way.

In the same way, even the most classic shoppers, backpacks, buckets, rectangular bags that recall men’s models, practical and capacious, are perfectly in line with the current fashion. Baby carriers are also back in fashion, obviously in revised and correct versions, in precious material and with shapes that are well suited to the figure, without seeming useless and ugly tinsel.

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