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The six types of heeled sandals that you can take to your parties!

There are still many summer nights in which to give everything until dawn. And those are the best, outdoors, without having to work the next day and with the most cool looks against the color of the year. Of course, sandals cannot be missing in this equation, with five proposals of heeled sandals and one without heel to burn the party without stopping to dance.

Taconazo sandals with which you will not go unnoticed

If you are one of those who endures the type raised to a stiletto heel without blinking, these very high-heeled sandals are for you. Because they stylize the figure a lot, they are very sophisticated and raise the glamor of any style. Even if we talk about jeans and white t-shirt. Of course, you have to be immune to foot discomfort to enjoy the party.

Heeled sandals with front platform, for those who want a height look

They look less and less in the street style, but the sandals with heels and platform in the front carry the word “party” written in their design. The truth is that they are a great bombshell in any look, because they create a statement base for mini dresses, shorts or red carpet dresses. They are also the favorites to wear with socks!

The rocker point at parties is put on the heel cage sandals

There are minimalist strips and there are those who do not want to go unnoticed. For the latter, heel cage sandals are the most rocker, modern and daring option of all. Your feet will be enclosed between crossed straps that make up the sandal, either high to the knee in gladiator format or with a boot design. That punk dot that you do not take away when you go out.

Wide-heeled sandals for parties that last all night

Those who do not support these vertigo stilettos are in luck, because now the trend coexists with another more affordable and comfortable. The wide and medium-heeled heels have come to give us centimeters effortlessly with heeled sandals for parties that never end. Who said that to be beautiful you have to suffer?

Geometric heels that will take all eyes

Neither high nor low nor mid-tension. Because what your shoes will be with these parties heeled sandals is works of art. Jacques laid the foundations for this trend but no one resists it anymore. Soles that are spheres, cubes, columns and polyhedral. Therefore, anyone loves geometry, on our feet and making a difference.

Sandals without heels for a party? If so, yes

Those who are spending the whole summer in flip-flops know that the pleasure of being able to go dressed as a guest or party with flat sandals is a flat. On many occasions, a heel feels great, but with outfits and sandals like these it will be trendy to be the most comfortable of the night.

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