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Many couples are opting for small weddings these days. But just because you have a small wedding does not mean you cannot have huge amounts of fun. Try one of these four ideas.

Pick a Theme

Express your personalities with a themed wedding. Any place and time can inspire your theme: be treated like 19th century European royalty or go with a 1970s hippie vibe. The décor can set the stage, which you and our fiancé complete with themed wedding costumes Fort Worth TX. Guests can dress up and play along if they like. You will treasure the memories and the unique wedding photos for decades to come.

Pick a Favorite Place

Was your first date a trip to the aquarium? Did you run into each other several times in the library? Or do you have a go-to dinner spot? If your wedding is small enough, you may be able to hold it in a non-traditional venue that is part of your story as a couple.

Pick a New Place

Destination weddings have always been popular; see why by hosting your own. Choose a locale you and your fiancé have always wanted to visit. Or plan your dream honeymoon first and see if you can add on a wedding package. Family and friends may show up early and make it a vacation of their own.

Pick Your Everything

While large elaborate weddings seem to call for traditional aspects, small gatherings allow for more creativity. Personalize everything. Write your own vows. Have your best friend’s band play your first dance. As long as you meet your state’s legal requirements, you can have just about anyone officiate. Why not honor the one who introduced you?

Be as formal or casual as you want. Invite a food truck to cater the affair or splurge on a five-course gourmet meal. Small weddings mean you can afford the luxuries that mean the most to you. It is your special day; do whatever makes it meaningful and fun.

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