Smart working

In smart working, you continue to make video calls with colleagues and Zoom evenings with friends. Focus on the men’s cut shirt, in special fabrics and hyper-feminine details to update your style.

Let’s confess it: at the beginning of the quarantine, we all let ourselves go a little. In the morning it did not seem true to be able to sit at the computer to work comfortably in overalls (yes, okay, even in pajamas in our best moments). Except, however, to put a T-shirt or shirt on the fly to meet us on video call.

Smart working

Then spring came and with it the desire to give us a tone, to make us nice, to wear something light. Well, let’s do it now, even if it’s just about getting dressed for formal video calls with the boss or informal with friends. We offer you an update of a great classic: the shirt. After being hidden under pullovers and cardigans all winter, the time has come to show it off, remember that in video chat the shot is at most half-length.

Let’s start with the detail in the foreground: the collar, a detail that plays a key role. The choice obviously depends on your style, but, judging from the spring / summer 2020 collections, you can range: whether we feel very faithful to the tradition of the male shirt – and therefore yes to the classic or button down collar – or that we do not disdain the versions more romantic and feminine, with ruffles and puffed sleeves.

Color is also important: in this season, light ones are great, pastel shades like pink and blue, but nobody forbids us to choose between intense shades, from cornflower blue to violet to leaf green. The eye wants its part also for the fantasies: let’s indulge ourselves with flowers, geometric prints, polka dots and lines, all choices that pierce the screen. And if you want to give your video call outfit a gear, in addition add special details that make the difference, such as puffed sleeves, bows and small ruffles.

In this lockdown phase, everything is allowed, even in the most formal situations. If, however, like us, you love to have style even at home, browse the gallery and discover all the most chic shirts of spring.

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