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Tips and tricks for saving money for the savvy fashionista

We all know someone who is obsessed with fashion. Whenever the newest and best fashion comes out they just have to have it. It can seem like every week they are sporting a new collection or smart piece. All of the advancements in fashion can be expensive to keep up with. You may find yourself asking yourself “how can i stay in style without breaking my budget and going into my saving account”. Thankfully you need not fret any more. This helpful guide will give you some real world tips to keep money in your wallet and clothing in your closets.

The best way to get good deals is to go to the source.

While retail stores like wal mart and macy’s can be convenient for their large assortment of various products they are rarely the cheapest places to get products. Looking for a new computer? Go directly to microsoft and apple and see what their prices are like before going to a best buy. Need pet products for your faithful dog companion? Head directly to Petco to see what they have to offer before buying from a grocery store or walmart. Looking for new old navy clothes? Head directly to old navy rather than going to jc penny or dillards. No matter what the product is the source is almost always going to be cheaper than the retailers price.


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Check the stock of your local consignment shop before buying new clothes

Every week new fashions come out and render old ones obsolete. These old fashions are often in great shape and have nothing wrong with them. Many people take their items to consignment shops to be resold in order to recoup a portion of their money. This is great new for us frugal fashionistas. Thankfully we can shop and get high quality items for just a fraction of what they are sold for in stores. Consignment shops are also a great place to take the items you no longer wear to trade for some much needed cash. Consider this option the next time you go shopping.


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