Traveling in style

When preparing your luggage to travel, it is natural to prefer clothes that are comfortable and versatile, leaving the most particular and elegant ones in the wardrobe to make sure traveling in style.

And so – let’s face it! – More uncomfortable.

On vacation, we move constantly: planes, trains, hours and hours by car. The outfits must necessarily be comfortable and put us at ease.

However, this does not mean that you have to completely sacrifice your tastes in terms of style: the right middle way is to combine the two. You can create a trendy look and, at the same time, suitable for the rhythms of the trip. You can have a well-groomed appearance even away from home and without weighing down the trolley too much: just knowing how to choose.

Below we reveal 3 tips for traveling in style, avoiding the classic tourist look. Yes, what we have all had at least once in our life: slippers, baggy trousers, oversized shirts.

Traveling in style: Tips for the outfit

It takes very few precautions to have everything you need to be chic even miles and miles away from home. It is not necessary to fill the suitcase with clothes, but you must keep in mind the items to focus on, to avoid the typical neglected travel look.

The three key elements to traveling in style …

The Trench Coat

This garment is truly timeless and does a lot of Meghan Markle! The camel-colored trench coat creates the perfect mix between the boyish style of Humphrey Bogart and a purely feminine one of Audrey Hepburn. It is a perfect garment to take off the clothes of a tourist and wear those of a fashionable and attentive traveler.

Then it does not make ugly folds if packed and protects from rain. Win-win situation!

Clearly, it will be necessary to make the right combinations, to make the most of it. The advice is to bring the trench coat in combination with a striped shirt and a high-waisted, non-skinny jeans. Women who want something more refined, instead, can opt for camel-colored garments, the coolest color of this winter, or for the classic T-shirts combined with flared skirts.

The Bag

To fully customize outfits consisting mainly of basic and versatile garments, it is absolutely necessary to focus as much as possible on accessories. It is with the details that a look really stands out and the bags are excellent for defining your style.

In order not to fall into the banal and ensure that the outfit reflects its elegance at its best, you can opt for models of bags such as those by Gucci, chic, fashionable and easily available even in online stores.

The Lace-Up Shoes

Heels do not necessarily need to be elegant: even low and comfortable shoes can enhance the outfit. And you know, you travel a lot on the road and you spend many hours on your feet, so shoes must be comfortable.

But are there nice and comfortable shoes? Of course, just knowing how to choose the right model. It is by no means said that we should tackle sneakers: a comfortable and fashionable model, but which can be replaced by more classy alternatives. Just think of the lace-up shoes. Low and comfortable but also elegant and with a vintage taste especially the Oxford model, in pure British style.

Trench Coat, Bag and Lace-Up Shoes: a trio of elements that will know how to corner the typical look of a sloppy tourist, allowing us to express all our personality with fashion garments even when traveling.

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