In the era of the capsule wardrobe it is important to think about how little additions to your outfit can change your look from one style to another. By adding something formal like a jacket you can turn a more casual outfit into something fit for a business meeting and equally by adding Mens Aran Sweaters to your outfit you can change your formal business attire into something more casual suitable for a business lunch. Here are some ways you can turn workwear into casual wear.

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Shoes – a quick change of shoes from formal black work shoes to perhaps trainers or other stylish casual shoes such as loafers can help to change your work outfit into something that might be suitable for a date or a casual lunchtime with friends.

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Jumpers – adding a jumper to your outfit can again very quickly change it from a professional look to something more comforting. This may be more appropriate when it comes to the colder months when you can switch your work jacket to a jumper as you leave the office to go to a bar with friends after work.

Shirts – changing your shirt from your tailored work clothing to one that perhaps has more colour or patterns and prints will help to dial down the formality of your work trousers and again will have you ready for a relaxing evening ahead of you whether this is meeting family and friends or perhaps going on a date with that special someone.

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