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How to wear ankle boots? Style tips!

If you don’t know how to wear ankle boots, just read our style tips and you will see that you will no longer have any doubt about it

All women believe they know how to wear ankle boots but there are some rules to follow in order to create truly impeccable outfits. First of all, before understanding how to create perfect looks, let’s see what ankle boots are. The term means a kind of boot, or rather a half boot. Its height (not that of the heel) slightly exceeds the ankle but does not reach the middle of the calf.

We also refer to heels because there are not only high models. In fact, there are low ankle boots, sometimes flush with the ground but also tank models and obviously those with stiletto heels. The most common are certainly those in black leather, but there are many others that can suit you, whether they are colorful, imaginative or made with other materials, such as velvet and suede.

ankle boots

Who are the legs good for?

This is an appropriate question to ask but will not find an unambiguous answer. It all depends on you and how you intend to match them. It is obvious that tall ankle boots are good for short women, who instead will have to avoid those on the ground. In general, the only element that must really be taken into consideration is the leg, or rather the area of the calf and ankle. If they are not too tapered, it is good to avoid putting on the ankle boots.

Ankle boots and trousers

When you want to create outfits with low or even high ankle boots, consider that trousers will always be your close allies. We therefore suggest you opt for the right pants for your body, something that gives you particularly and that highlights your shapes. The best model is however the straight cigarette or the skinny one. Leave it alone, but not entirely, the bell-bottoms and the palace ones. These rules also apply if you are thinking of combining ankle boots and jeans. In any case, remember that there are no precise rules, but only the right proportion. Usually those who choose these shoes want to show the part of the leg near the ankle, which should be rather thin. Once you understand this, you will also understand how to wear ankle boots with trousers and jeans.

Ankle boots and skirt

With the skirt, the legs are definitely more in plain sight, especially if you opt for short or longuette models. In fact, especially in this case, we suggest you avoid long ones. In any case, the advice is to choose the skirt that best enhances your silhouette and match the ankle boots that coordinate well with the rest of the look.

Now you know all you need to know about how to match ankle boots, better known as ankle boots or with their English term ankle boots. So do not be afraid and wear these shoes following our advice and you will see that you will always be able to create impeccable and trendy looks.

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