It’s the winter time and you should really think about withdrawing those summer shoes for something a bit more appropriate for the cold and gloomy winter months ahead of us. You might need a bit a kit out and this is where Tommy Bowe Shoes from can be an absolute godsend. What should you be sporting in the footwear department to keep you safe and stylish at the same time. Standards need to be maintained whatever the weather.

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Drawing on the classic grunge look of the 90s, this winter, trainers with a chunky, common sole are bang on point. With several big labels, you will be able to find one that fits your preferences, rolling them out in a range of colours and designs. The higher sole will have extra security against those rainy weather days from a realistic point of view – just don’t team them with skinny cut jeans as that look just does not work.

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During the winter months, a decent pair of boots is a footwear favourite, and a better alternative is military style boots. Keep them buffed up and they’ll see you through to trendy evening wear from daytime casual or evening a woodland trek and over the hills and far away.

When the leaves continue to change hue, so do our colour options, but this autumn/winter there is no reason to settle for blacks, browns and burgundy. In a variety of bold, vivid colours and even eye-catching designs such as controls and leopard print, big footwear companies are launching sneakers. In the winter months, be bold and welcome those hot colours.

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