What To Wear With Leather Coat?

Leather coat – iconic outerwear, which gives the female image aristocratic and a touch of luxury. This is an elegant thing with great design potential, allowing you to create a trendy bow. Vintage fashion has increased its demand. There are models in stores, exaggerated close to the styles of the 80s.

Designers have always loved the skin for a noble texture, and in recent seasons a bright palette has been added to these qualities. In addition to the smooth skin, fashion houses enriched their collections with various textures. In the arsenal of a model with pearl luster, reptile skin, and other stylish goodies, elegantly emphasizing the female attractiveness.

What To Wear With Leather Coat?

So today the leather coat is not only a tribute to the classics but also a peculiar trend. To make the most of this exclusive item of clothing, you need to know some of the nuances with what to wear it. This will be discussed today.

Style features

Leather coat allows you to create completely different styles: from business to casual and boho. If we consider the favorite black trench coat, it is worn with a white shirt and a pencil skirt. Business ladies can combine it with classic trouser suits and contrasting blouses. The color combination of top and bottom is chosen to your own taste.

For casual attire, you can replace pants with skinny jeans, and a blouse with a cashmere jumper. At the exit, a raincoat made of leather can be worn with elegant dresses of any style, given one rule. Outerwear should completely cover the hem of the dress. Layering and elegance are absolutely mutually exclusive.

Special attention should be paid to the compatibility of a leather raincoat with accessories and shoes. Here the rule of contrasting combination of textures and colors works flawlessly. The total image, as make-up artists call it, has long gone out of fashion and has become a sign of bad taste.

Glossy leather will be a harmonious duet with suede or nubuck, if it comes to bags, high-quality textiles are perfect. No less important when collecting the image color consonance. Choose spectacularly contrasting shades, for example, coral with purple or green with blue. The most common black coat is advised to wear with interesting textures, for example, metallic coating or reptile pattern.

The most advanced trend operates with bright contrasts. The principle of “combine incompatible” is suitable for both classic models and avant-garde. This approach demonstrates a bow in which a leather raincoat is worn over silk dresses with frankly summer prints: polka dots or a flower.

From the general principles of combinatorics, we turn to specific examples.

What shoes to wear under a leather coat?

A high heel is a win-win solution. Successful options – ankle boots, boots to the middle of the leg, and if the raincoat is not too long, then boots. If the style is short, do not definitely choose high boots. Just the opposite, ankle boots will look more easily. Lightweight raincoats in warm weather can be worn with closed shoes or boats.

If your option is low-heeled or flat-soled shoes, it is undesirable that the raincoat is below the knees. It should be borne in mind that if long models are worn without a heel, they will make the image squat and not feminine.

If you want to create an expensive outfit, give preference to shoes made of genuine leather, while avoiding massive details such as square heels, etc. When choosing restraint and minimalism, you will never go wrong. As for the color of the shoe, it should be a little darker than the raincoat. In the opposite case, it will distract the views of others.

What To Wear With Leather Coat?

Suitable bags

The stylists are unanimous about the ideal forms of the bags under the leather coat. It should be a bag of clear geometric proportions: not compact, but not too big. Miniature clutches and shapeless models a la bag should be immediately blacklisted. The best landmarks in size are the length of the raincoat. The larger it is, the larger the bag can be.

In terms of color, the unequivocal answer is not so easy to find. If the cloak is black, then in combination with a black bag the image will be too gloomy. The same applies to catchy colors. In this case, the bright colors of the cloak need to be balanced with a calmer tone of accessories. To dark outerwear more suitable bags of brown or graphite shades, as well as burgundy, gray-blue color. The specific decision depends on your personal preferences.

Hats and accessories

If a leather coat without insulation, then it is most often worn in warm autumn or spring. At this time of year, a headdress is usually not required, so a stylish hairstyle will be the best end of the image. If the weather is cool, it is better to immediately put the various caps aside: complete with this elegant clothing, they look inappropriate.

What To Wear With Leather Coat?

An exception can be made only for berets, and even they will not fit every model. The best option – impressive wide-brimmed hats for several tones lighter. Alternatively, you can consider a scarf, tied up as a hood, not too dense texture and bright fashionable colors.

The same rule holds true for scarves and scarves. Knitted and wool models should prefer thin flowing fabrics. For unusual color cloaks pick accessories calm palette.


Classic straight leg trousers will add a neutral feel to a casual look. If you like to wear a raincoat unbuttoned, a strict blouse as the top will create a business style. In this and in another case, you should not wear flashy things, since the leather coat is in itself self-sufficient and effective.

Practical any styles allow skinny jeans. This combination is not so impressive, but for the everyday ensemble, many will find it a plus.

What skirts does a leather coat match

This is the same rule as for dresses. The skirt should not peek out from under the raincoat. If we talk about styles, then a pencil skirt looks more harmonious. From materials, it is well combined with leather acryl, gabardine, wool, complain. You can consider a leather skirt, but in this version, it is impossible to overload the image with other things from leather.


Under this luxury item of clothing, decorations must be appropriate. Evening outfit will be decorated with earrings, pendants, jewelry with imitation diamonds. In the business image of the decoration should not be a too catchy, well suited elegant bracelet or watch. A festive occasion is a special occasion. A large necklace, a necklace, a refined brooch are appropriate here.

The highlight of the leather coat is that it allows you to feel at your best, despite the rain and other weather problems. Adequately complete your image and get ready to collect admiring glances.