wide ankle pants

The street-style has ruled that wide ankle pants are the best allies for halftime days. A perfect garment for all types of bodies, and so versatile, you can adapt it to any style.

Models with different slacks that are perfect for showing off all kinds of footwear, a trend that is repeated every season and is among the favorites of the latest fashion experts. These are the style keys to wear wide ankle pants.

How to wear wide ankle pants with a blouse

Comfortable and very versatile, this is the wide ankle pants, a garment to get the most out of to go to the office, be at home and on special occasions. The high waist is undoubtedly its key to essential style, it stylizes much more, since it optically lengthens the legs more. And if we combine it with a heel, the result is much better.

This type of pants are ideal with blouses, a perfect combination to show off a sophisticated working girl look. Trend blouses with sleeves with volume but tight cut and tucked inside the pants. It is the best way to brand waist. And if we add a belt the result is much more flattering.

How to wear denim wide ankle pants

The jeans adapt to all trends so they cannot be missing in this version, since they combine with all colors and patterns. The crop top is one of the garments that combines perfectly with jeans of this style and thus be able to wear a youthful outfit.

The jackets and short jackets are also two of the options that become the best companions during the days of halftime, as they make the shortest in favor of the lower part of your body and that seems silhouette sleeker look torso.

The sweaters always inside. It does not matter if they are tight or oversized both options always inside the pants in order to mark waists and make a cut between the wide pants and the top garment. Combined with a top lounge, it is the most refined and flattering option.

How to wear rolled up ankle pants

One of the trends that is sweeping is the rolled ankle wide pants, what is now known as pin rolling. Another alternative to wear various trends in the same outfit. Raising the bass correctly, so that you can look a little more raised, although without being so exaggerated, is ideal.

This trend allows you to show off footwear since it can be combined with sandals, salons and sneakers. All footwear is possible.

How to wear wide ankle pants with a suit

Wearing wide ankle pants with a suit is the most elegant option to go to the office. A smooth, printed or combined two-piece. The most flattering option is with a blazer below the waist or fitted, although there are also XL blazer options for lovers of oversize throughout the look.

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