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Wedding dresses with lace: romantic and seductive designs

Wedding dresses with lace-Romantic, elegant, boho, vintage or sensual, whatever your style, lace is the faithful fabric of brides centuries ago. He reinvented himself for this 2019. And will become much more protagonist in 2020. How to wear it according to your look?

Women in love who marry this 2019 know this, because lace is one of the fabrics that has seen the most in the ateliers for brides, magazines. And marching along the catwalks with the season advance. The ethereal appearance of that loom shines with distinction in the hilt of the bridal bouquet.

Its veil, of the bridal shoes, and not to mention that perfect semirecogido hairstyle. For excellence, the material that most persecutes every woman heading to the altar, for that subtle as versatile nature. To the point that, it is almost inconceivable to find today. Wedding dresses without that brushstroke of floral lines and transparencies to which we will give ourselves completely today.

A little history

Wedding dresses with lace


As was to be expected and often happens in the world of fashion and especially in the nuptial field, the origin of much of its inputs as lace, born in the old continent. This very fine decorative type weft in silk, linen. Or precious metals such as gold and silver on the mesh or tulle loom has conquered brides for decades. The drawings, in general, are inspired by geometric. Or natural motifs such as flowers and leaves. It had its peak in Italy, France, Belgium, Spain and England between 1500 and 1700. And was made by hand by women called lace makers, until the appearance of the first machine.

Types of wedding dresses with lace

In the same way that the guests to your wedding should know the type of fabric they will wear in their elegant evening dresses, to know which are the most used and how it could favor. Your task should be equally oriented to be aware of what are the most used lace in the preparation of wedding dresses. You will find for example, the Venetian, Brussels, Chantilly, the Valencienne, Alecon and Guipur.

They differ from each other by the type of technique used, some with a bobbin, others with needles or crochet. Also for the type and size of the impregnated drawings, usually floral. But some with greater use of threads or spaced, these details are undoubtedly also appreciated. The wedding dresses for pregnant women. With elastic lace that fits perfectly to the figure of the future mother as presented by the proposals offered by Tiffany Rose .

Natural or synthetic?

The prices of wedding dresses will also be determined by the details you may have and by the origin of your fibers, for example, the natural ones are more expensive than the synthetic ones. Among them, the finest are silk and linen. The wedding dresses with lace are also made in cotton and its cost is more affordable to the budgets. These are usually very fresh and ideal for summer. Although they are also the perfect complement to cover arms, shoulders and back under your cloak.

Where to take it, what does fashion dictate

  • Sleeves: If there is an opportunity to wear the lace in autumn or winter. The French or long sleeve provides a graceful effect to the arms. This fine loom enhances the design of the wedding dresses without much effort. This style of sleeve also becomes an excellent option to wear them in  gorditas wedding dresses .
  • Dress: The laborious wedding dresses with lace 2019 are concentrated in the waist and make wise use of lace to bring the outfit to life. They dress the rigid corset with her cloak to give a delicate effect to the dress of requested necklines heart and word of honor of vaporous skirts.
  • Necklines: The effect of lace on the illusion necklines have fallen in love with brides who do not want to show their shoulders during their big day. The visual effect is quite elegant and romantic you will not want to give up. Ideal for the wide-back woman because of the stylized effect it provides. Also, we anticipate that the backs will be the stars of the 2019 wedding dresses. Delicate guipure come together through the crystal tulle to recreate sweetness. And charm that pretty tattooed tattoo or tatoo lace effect that everyone will love.
  • All the dress: Different models of wedding dresses, but especially the mermaid cut, propose the use of lace throughout the design. For the versatility of the fabric, to conform to the figure of the brides almost like their second skin. It is also present in all the princess cuts as glamorous as elegant you always dreamed. On them the lace stands out in the same way either in its skirt or neckline.
  • Veil: The collected hairstyles lend themselves enough for the use of veil made with fine silk lace, in any of its measurements.
  • Gloves: The boho chic bride will not renounce the use of delicate gloves in fine lace to complement the style of her wedding dress. In the same way, if you are more elegant and you have chosen a simple wedding dress. And you want to give it that must ad, do not lose sight of it for nothing.
  • Shoes: Yes, also the bridal shoes can carry lace details that will help you complement your girl outfit.

Beware of excesses

If you consider yourself a lace addict, we advise you to be careful. While it is a precious and exquisite fabric that has dressed royalty for centuries, cram the styling the day of your marriage with this fine loom could tear down your look and turn it into something very Rococo.

If you fell in love  wedding dresses with lace, devote yourself fully to the search for the one that best suits your style without falling into excesses. Trust your modern woman / victim fashion instinct. As you did from the beginning with other important aspects of the organization of your wedding. Your decoration for marriage until the choice of the ideal cake among so many wedding cakes.

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