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What colors you should or not, used in a job interview

What colors or should not be used in a job interview? We will help you find the perfect tone for the job you want.

The style is one thing but what color? We give information on what colors you should or not, used in a job interview.

Sure you heard the saying “dress for the job you want” but it takes a new concept with color, since it affects different fields. A study was carried out by “Career Builder and Harris Interactive” where they interviewed managers and staff in human resources to discover what the best and worst color to wear in an interview.

Dress for Job Interview

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The results were:

  1. Blue: This is the preferred color; send a message that you are honest and reliable. The dark blue is the best color you can wear to an interview; this ensures you a job more than any other. Just be careful if a creative interview, use something that is not seen very conservative.
  2. Coffee: This color has no negative connotations; you send a message of comfort and confidence. However, it may seem you’re something outdated, so avoid using a attire completely coffee.
  3. Black: For many it was the best option, this is suitable for a position that requires authority so use it if you apply for a position of manager. Be careful if your interview is to be assistant as you can intimidate the person interviewing you.
  4. Red: This color sends a powerful message, we know you’re bold and you are right most of the time. However, it can be perceived as dominant, or worse, rebel. This is a color that can be used if you apply for a position in sales or a law firm.
  5. Gray: With this color you show that you’re logical and analytical works for almost any job. If you want to teach your personality using flashy accessories to enliven a gray outfit.
  6. Orange: This is the worst color, you can use in an interview, many cataloged as insufficiently professional.
  7. White: Prove you’re organized, impartial and want a clean start.
  8. Purple: It is recommended for a creative work shows that are artistic and unique.
  9. Yellow: As purple is reserved for creative work, it gives a message of optimism and creativity.

The hardest thing is getting the interview so that you overcame and choose the right color for the type of work you want and fight to get it.

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