What to wear kayaking

Make kayak is fun and is a sport that relaxes the senses. However, when doing this activity you have to choose appropriate clothing so that you can do it with total comfort. In this article, we show you what to wear kayaking in both winter and summer.

What to wear kayaking?

Kayaking is a sport that uses a boat and paddle. It differs from the canoe for its thrust styles: the Kayak uses the sitting position and a double-blade paddle with which it can paddle on both sides.

The Canadian canoe instead provides a kneeling position and a single-blade paddle, with which it can paddle on one side only. The term Kayak in the Inuit language means “man’s boat,” In the past, it represented a precious means of surviving in hostile weather conditions.

To go Kayaking, you need specific clothing suitable for the temperatures of the environment in which this sport is practiced. The practicality of clothing is the first rule. It cannot be missing:

  • Lycra jersey or similar fabrics – protect from sunburn and cold;
  • Hat with visor;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Swimsuit;
  • Gloves or mittens;
  • Water shoes or neoprene shoes with rubber soles – specific for river use, they are suitable for any landings on stones or rocks;
  • Neoprene shorts – cushion and make the seat more comfortable, or Neoprene dungarees – leave the arms free for movement, and reinforced on the knees and seat;
  • Water jacket – also recommended in summer;
  • Drysuit – as an alternative to the jacket and overalls.

Kayaking in summer

Buy a hat that has large brims, so you protect yourself from the sun and possible summer rains. It is best to wear a shirt that is ultra-light with long sleeves to protect you from the sun and use a neoprene over it. It is essential to bring a waterproof sunscreen and approved sunglasses, neoprene shoes and gloves as an option.

Kayaking in winter

Although it is cold, you cannot stop wearing a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Change the footwear, you can opt for neoprene material boots and gloves. A long sleeve shirt, a full wetsuit, and a waterproof suit.

Where to buy clothes?

To buy clothes for kayaking you should go to sports stores. In these, you will find quality clothing at an affordable price. In this way, you can do your favorite sport using comfortable and appropriate clothing and thus avoid possible accidents.


In your luggage, you cannot forget accessories such as a life preserver, compass, flashlight, extra thermal clothing, whistle, mobile with a charged battery, raincoat, and if you are going to spend several days, it is best that you carry enough spare clothes in your luggage.

Life jacket

In addition to life jackets, on flat water, it is good to wear light clothing in breathable fabrics and the summer good sun protection and sunglasses with a cord: for example shorts and a T-shirt with a bathing suit underneath. Generally better to provide windproof and rainproof clothing, closed shoes, and first aid kit. On the river, on the other hand, it is good to wear a helmet, and a neoprene wetsuit is recommended because it does not hinder like clothes in frequent overturns.

Tips for deciding what to wear kayaking

When kayaking, you must be sure that the clothing you use is appropriate. You will not be able to change inside the canoe, even if you got wet after turning. Therefore, it is important to decide well on the clothes to wear before starting the journey.

  • I prefer to dress in layers, especially in the torso. So you cover or uncover yourself depending on the temperature.
  • Do not forget sun protection. You must use sunscreen and accessories that help you avoid sunstroke.
  • Avoid cotton fabrics as they retain water. It prefers fabrics that dry quickly.
  • Wear clothes that you feel comfortable with, remember that you will be sitting for a long time.
  • The clothes you choose must allow you to move easily. You will be using your entire torso to move and your legs to maintain balance.
  • Avoid clothing or accessories with metal elements. The saltwater corrodes metals, so they will be damaged.
  • If you wear glasses, don’t forget the straps to hold them. This will prevent your glasses from stopping at sea during the crossing.

What clothes should I wear to kayak?

To know what clothes you should wear when going on one of the kayak tours, you must consider aspects such as the weather, the clothes you have and the route.

Prepare for the water temperature

Although you don’t want to think about what could go wrong, your kayak might flip over and you end up in the water. It is not dangerous if you have expert guides nearby and know how to react well to problems.

The water can be cold, even if the room temperature is comfortable. The risks of ice water are heart and lung problems and even hypothermia.

If the water is very cold, you should wear a wetsuit, although in the weather conditions in Almería it is not necessary. Remember this if you are kayaking in colder areas or on winter days where the water temperature is 15 degrees Celsius or less.

Wetsuits are great for water sports because they insulate you from outside conditions, meaning water, which keeps your skin warm. If, for example, it is hot in the environment, but the water is cold, you can wear a sleeveless suit with shorts.