what to wear to yoga

One of the fundamental principles to keep in mind before starting yoga is to put on the right clothes for the activity and use the right equipment. To our question of what to wear to yoga, we must bear in mind that yoga is a physical, meditative and spiritual practice.

What to wear to yoga?

It is a space where clothing must be functional and simple. Any dress you choose should always and above all be comfortable. The clothes you are wearing should allow you to move freely to flex all your joints and your body forward, backward, sitting cross-legged, raising your arms, bending your legs and all the movements that we practice when doing yoga.

The principles of yoga

Yoga is governed by the principles of a philosophical tradition that you can carry out your practice in the best possible way. It seeks to heal and revitalize the body, calm the mind and expand the spirit: criteria very different from those that govern the world today. Therefore, yoga clothing is not governed by any fashion principle.

Yoga is an ancient discipline with a spiritual background and has a series of fundamentals that we must respect in our way of dressing. One of them is cleaning. Yoga teaches us that internal and external cleanliness is essential. Our body must be detoxified to be healthy and strong. Also, our mind must be as less contaminated as possible and it must exclude external stimuli that affect us every day and fill our thoughts with negative energies. According to this, when asked what clothes to wear for yoga, we must know that our clothes have to follow the same principle that keeps our bodies and minds clean.

Taking care of our clothes is symbolically taking care of ourselves, respecting ourselves and treating ourselves with love. Therefore, knowing what clothes to wear for yoga is a very important aspect to practice it. This means that if we wear comfortable clothes in good condition, we prepare ourselves to find harmony with our spirit. We remind ourselves that the practice of yoga is a way for us to connect with something greater.

What clothes to wear for yoga?

According to what we have just seen, you have to wear clothes that allow you to move, comfortable, and in good condition. It is advisable to wear tight or loose clothing made of soft and flexible materials, such as cotton or lycra. The leggings, stretch pants or even shorts for summer meet these functions.

T-shirts can be loose or tight, sleeveless, long or short-sleeved, that doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you always wear what is most comfortable and make you feel the best.

As for shoes, in yoga, it is better to practice barefoot poses because we need firm contact with the earth, although in winter, with the cold, you can wear socks or stockings.

Another aspect to consider to know what clothes to wear for yoga is that when doing inverted postures, where we turn, raise our legs, arms, etc. Sometimes it is more comfortable for the shirt to be tight and a little long to not leave the body half uncovered. This may make you uncomfortable or take your concentration off.

Some traditional schools recommend having bare knees or wearing close-fitting clothing to better correct posture. Some people give yoga a sacred character and therefore wear white or choose colors that include spiritual symbols.

Benefits of yoga

Yoga is a technique with many benefits, both physical and psychological, but also meditative, spiritual and deep. It requires a certain concentration for the senses and certain mental independence so that each person is immersed in their practice, thinking about each posture, their breathing and feeling how the body draws attention inward.

Therefore, although any social or fashion principle does not govern yoga, you have to know what to wear to yoga. And the recommended way of dressing is always the one that favors the comfort of each one. Only in this way will we carry out a safe practice without distractions or restrictions, always respecting our body’s harmony and mental well-being.