Everyone who has ever packed a suitcase in preparation for their stay in a Serviced Apartment Birmingham way such as the ones you can book at https://birminghamservicedapartments.co.uk/ knows the frustrations of this challenging endeavour. There are ways to ensure your time is spent enjoying the holiday without wardrobe malfunctions.

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Once you’ve fitted in your holiday wardrobe, you’re often faced with wrinkled, creased clothing that you have to spend time ironing, re-folding, steaming or even dry-cleaning when you’re away. The last thing you want is to ruin your designer clothing. We’d all rather be enjoying our time away sightseeing, shopping, visiting people and leaving our domestic tasks back home.

Develop a method for style success

It’s important to develop a good technique when packing your suitcase, such as rolling your Latest designer clothing to keep wrinkles at bay, bundling items, and protecting them with plastic bags.

When it comes to purchasing quality fabrics, including white cotton fabric, you are spoilt for choice

What are the best fabrics to pack?


This is a stronger, partly synthetic form of rayon made from cellulose fibres. It is machine washable, wrinkle-resistant, eco friendly, and breathable. It offers greater absorption of moisture over cotton fabrics, and it’s also anti-bacterial.

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Are you heading off to cooler climates or seeking something to keep you snug on chilly evenings? Wool, from sheep or other animals, is the perfect choice for comfort and ease of wearing without the need for an iron.


Don’t be put off by thinking polyester is an unstylish fashion faux pas because it can be soft, attractive and comfy to wear. Dating back to 1941, this fabric is still popular and generally purse-friendly, too.


Interwoven threads make up a knit fabric, which are commonly wool yarn or jersey from synthetic materials, cotton or wool. The thicker the knit, the less wrinkles you’re likely to get.


Hair predominantly from cashmere goats makes up this more luxurious, soft fabric, and the trend is also edging toward alpaca hair fabric. Cashmere may be pricier and a bit of a special purchase, but it provides a touch of warmth and softness and can be hung up or laid out to ease away any creases after use.


Step away from the full-body spandex suit, which may not do you many favours in the fashion department. A mix of spandex, also referred to as elastane or lycra, with other materials can promote the resistance of wrinkles.

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