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Zara Shirt and Sweatshirt Barbie

Today I have a special entrance. This very pink post is dedicated to Barbie! Barbie time I have to confess that I have always liked Barbies , me crazy. From small I collected them and my mother bought me clothes and many accessories that were essential for my Barbies. Who has not wanted to be a Barbie! A professional (which gives you more rage: doctor, journalist, veterinary …), a pink car, a dog and a handsome boyfriend. I think for now I have everything but the color of the car).

Sweatshirt Barbie

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Down to earth and into the field, Zara recently pulled some clothes special edition dedicated to Barbie. In my case I chose a lovely sweatshirt and a fun shirt.

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Sweatshirt as you can see in the pictures is white with millions of prints the logo of Barbie, and the shirt has a funny message on the back. Since I saw them knew they could not miss in my closet. They were “one size” but long live the oversize! Because thanks to it I can say that, I do not care if I stay great any garment as it is trend.

Sweatshirt Barbie

Image Source: Google Image

For these pictures I would have taken to the street with a more focused input streetstyle but having a pink studio background and not use it for an entry on Barbie, does not fit any head.

Zara has not only targeted fashion Barbie, but also H & M, Wildfox and Moschino in your parade took several designs inspired by the famous blonde doll.

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