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If you turned 30 and you have nothing, do not worry, you have everything

Much has been written about how important it is to have experiences rather than things. “Oh, yes,” assented all, “how well it to travel and live life”, added as sighs and prepare a meeting with our chief ago ten years.

It is one thing to read articles on a website and want to be the crazy protagonist who sold everything and bought a van, another is doing. In the end, none of us would sacrifice all our possessions to become viral news for a day. Well, perhaps yes (so are our egos of the XXI century), but to live like crazy? Remove bug.

You have everything

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I am not going to write about the importance of the intangible. If at that point and we have not clear, we go badly. I want to talk about how interesting it is, at bottom, having nothing assured. That is, how great it is to be any. Because you have a steady job, a boyfriend of all life, health scandal and an assumable mortgage, but none of those things is unmovable. So you look very stable now, it is no guarantee that you are morning. You see, in the end you, who supposedly has it all, and that other input that has nothing, you have the same: a life, and little else. And even life is a sure thing. What a downer.

“And why do you write that humbug?” I ask. Believe me; I do not intend to embitter the day. I just want you to be aware that having nothing is rather an advantage. The day when you realize that everything you “tied” to a place or a way of life are nothing but an optical illusion, you will feel much calmer. The stability does not exist. It is an invention of human beings to feel less out of place. An invention of shit, by the way. A lie, like many others, hurts us and takes us into something we avoid at all costs: slavery.

I repeat: nothing is not an advantage. In addition, apparently seen, nobody got anything because most things do not belong to us and those that do not last forever. So … if we know that stability is a lie, why do we insist on following a pattern of life?

I, since I was twenty, I knew I wanted to have a husband that supported me in everything and a job that allowed me to travel and have a house in property. To me I was raised so the sooner you put with it, the sooner you can be free and do whatever you want. “Free”, I said. Really. I swear.

Both I got into the subject the twenties already had a career, a pesetas job and a husband. Mother, what was that time burden. Just remember me chills causes. Yes, she was in love. Yes, I was a lucky working twelve to fourteen hours a day. In addition, yes, I was convinced that this was the life that would make me free. However, a few years later, I was exhausted. I had thirty to retire and I had no strength at all. At twenty, he was already divorced, disillusioned and tired. My “stability” staggered and … suddenly I was relieved (and confused).

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From there, according to my mother, she began the decline of my life. However, what magic it was that “decline”. Really.

Today, almost ten years later, supposedly I have nothing: no permanent job, nor a partner, nor a house property or probably a promising career in anything. I studies, a good resume, a few dominated languages, some friends really four saved hard, a vocation, the first wrinkles, some other quibbles health, a couple of kilos more as some magazine (you’re given) six boxes (counted) with things, temporary jobs that give me to keep me alive, an area full of experiences and a body full of joy life.

In addition, I want to tell you, you and all that nonsense let you happy and having nothing at your age. For whoever has it, neither does, but thinks so and is terribly wrong. What a way you happen to go!

No, it is not an article criticizing married life and a steady job. No, it is not called anti system. No, it is not a motivation for supposedly failed, socially speaking. No way.

It’s just a little wake up call to have it all blown away who believe and those unfortunates who complain about not having anything are in the same. In addition, the best thing you can do is to exclude the word “stability” from your vocabulary. Maybe that dares you to live life.



Hi, I am Russell Chowdhury; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety; here is my blogs how to recover from anxiety and how to fight with anxiety. I hope everyone will like my blogs.

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