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8 Best ideas to learn how to combine clothes and accessories

How can I combine clothes to create different looks and not have to buy new clothes always? This is a question we all ask ourselves when we want to achieve a different look but we do not know where to start. It is normal! Sometimes it’s hard to see the possibilities of clothes in your closet because you already have it very visible or because you associate it with a particular look, the one you have used the most, the one that you think is the best. In this article, we give you 8 tricks to learn how to combine clothes and accessories.

Nowadays, an easy and quick way to find inspiration for clothes is to connect to the network. On the Internet there are thousands of photographs, blogs (like this one), pages and forums that talk about clothes, about trends and outfits. There are even social networks dedicated specifically to this.

8 Ideas to learn how to combine clothes and accessories

  1. Basic clothing
  2. Combine patterned clothes
  3. Combine accessories
  4. Combine shoes
  5. Combine scarves
  6. Combine jewelry
  7. Last minute combinations
  8. Combine well but go comfortably

How to combine clothes and accessories-1: Basic clothing

The basics commonly named and as the name suggest, are basic garments that you have to have as a wardrobe background that you can use at any time and that help to complement your look.

The clothes that form the basic wardrobe background are: light or dark jeans, shirt / black blouse, shirt / white blouse, dress pants (preferably black), sweater or basic sweater (without prints, black or white) , “sport” pants without getting to a tracksuit, elegant medium-heeled shoes and shoes or more usable shoes on any occasion. For the summer, get some jeans shorts or some green khaki to take them with everything.

Combining these four garments and shoes with more specific or different garments you can create many looks.

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Basic clothing

How to combine clothes and accessories-2: Combine patterned clothes

To complement the basics we have to have clothes that give the characteristic touch to our look. One of these garments can be the prints. Whether t-shirts, pants, shorts, blouses or shirts.

Try to combine a printed garment with the rest of the smooth look since the combination of different prints is riskier and if you are not sure about it, we recommend you to play it safe.

The same goes for checked or striped garments. Always look for the style to be harmonious, without being too loud or loaded. Combine patterned clothes

How to combine clothes and accessories-3: Combine accessories

The accessories also help make the look complete. Many times, without them, we feel like naked or without the final touch. Being an important part, we must learn to combine them so that they do not stand out more than what we want or so that they do not spoil what we are wearing.

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Combine accessories

How to combine clothes and accessories-4: Combine shoes

Shoes are an important part of a look. Think you do not see much but if they are dirty or broken, it shows a lot. So always try to match the color of the shoes with that of the whole look. For example, if you combine gray and black tones, do not wear brown shoes. A trick is to combine the color of the shoes with the purse or purse. So they will support each other.Combine shoes

How to combine clothes and accessories-5: Combine scarves

The handkerchiefs help a lot when it comes to complementing a look. They provide a lot of weight and can be “the icing on the cake”. If you have a rather dark look in mind, choose a scarf with vibrant colors, so it will stand out much more and it will look great.

On the contrary, if your look is already colorful or printed, try to wear a more discreet handkerchief that does not compete for being the protagonist.Combine scarves

How to combine clothes and accessories-6: Combine jewelry

As with scarves, try or give them a lot of importance or just complement the look. So, if you want to highlight a new necklace, configure your look in a non-striking way to give it more prominence.

There is also basic jewelry. Are those that combine with everything, as would be the case of pearls or earrings with bright or gold or silver discrete. They are the jewels that you wear regularly, that have gone from complementing the look to being part of you, part of your way of expressing yourself.Combine jewelry

How to combine clothes and accessories-7: Last minute combinations

These are the ones that tend to be most disastrous. If you do not have time to think about a look, opt for one that you wear regularly. You do not have to be always innovating! You can also have some established looks, with which you know you’ll be comfortable and you’ll feel good.

You can have several combinations of your favorite clothes for different occasions. So if you have an unforeseen event, you will not need to be in front of the mirror for an hour.Last minute combinations

How to combine clothes and accessories-8: Combine well but go comfortably

This last rule is the most important. It does not matter if what you wear is the best combination of colors, textures, and materials if you do not feel comfortable in it. Look for clothes of your style. If what

you like is not fashionable, try to adopt more basic garments with more special or specific ones for your style.

Each has its particular style of dress that is made over time. Some are more classic, others more daring. But we all know what we like and what we do not.

Despite this, we always advise you trying new things. If you do not like a garment, you do not need to buy it by force, but if you try different things to open more doors. So, we encourage you to try new things and try to combine them with the clothes you already have in the closet.Combine well but go comfortably

We hope you will like these ideas to learn how to combine clothes and accessories. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a great day! Also click here for short-term loans alternative Ideas.

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